Samsung galaxy s9 – Smartphone with smart features

Samsung phones are nevertheless the hottest phones out in the industry right now as a result of the combination of the wise application and operating system along with the suitable color and shape. There is a great deal of things for plenty of people for all of the Samsung galaxy products particularly the Samsung galaxy s9. One of the things that people have loved from the Samsung brand is that the newly released galaxy s9 apart from the obviously great and effective android operating system. The s9 has seen a reasonable quantity of upgrades which makes it far superior to its older brother the Samsung galaxy. The new galaxy s9 white on the other hand still holds everything people loved about the first black version of the galaxy s9 that has already sold over 5 million units within the first 85 days after it hit stores.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The galaxy s9 white still has the brilliant android so, specifically referred to as the android 2.3 or more popularly called the gingerbread. While people might say that the android powered galaxy is only a rehash of apples iPhone with more bells and whistles that the reality is also a whole new ball game. The Samsung galaxy as well as its successor the galaxy s9 white is packed with a great deal of cool features like a really fast and dependable 1.2 GHz chip that is fantastic for heavy and light mobile wifi users that love to spend a whole lot of appreciable time scouring or uploading pictures on facebook. The galaxy s9 also has a built-in 8 megapixel camera that snaps brilliant images with crystal clear quality and at a higher resolution. The s9s display complements that feature all thanks to your good 4.3 inch super amole plus screen display. Together with that built in power, people are still shocked at how thin and how light the galaxy s9 is. The mobile phone only weighs 115 grams and has a total depth of 8.49mm.

The galaxy s9s standard talk time can last for as long as 18.3 hours while the average hours that it would last on stand-by is 710 hours. Because the phone is also capable of doing 3g calls, those who do this should be aware that the phone can last for as long as 9 hours. Other simple creature comforts the casual phone user must always have in their mobiles are all within the Samsung Galaxy S9. These typical features include internet browsing that is made even better thanks to these wise applications for websites like facebook, twitter and Picasa. Youtube users will also discover the phone very handy since it does have its own youtube player. Some other neat attributes for the Samsung galaxy s9 white includes a gyroscope and accelerometer. Rounding the characteristics for the galaxy s9 is an electronic compass that will surely come in handy in sticky situations.

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